The Vision

Lane & Kate has awakened into a custom jewelry boutique of women creators exploring the intimacy of jewelry in barely there beauties. Tempted by the feminine, Lane & Kate’s custom offerings & curated collection of jewelry is alluring in the attainable luxury inspired by the diamonds & gemstones that reflect lovely in dainty, detailed settings.

Above all, our passion is custom jewelry. We love how each client has their own take on the ring to be so Lane & Kate is here to be your brand, your designer.

Lane & Kate's custom designs & our fine jewelry designers are created with thoughtful intention in the detail, craftsmanship, and ethical practices. Meticulously hand made, each gem is custom or small-production offering, with an emphasis on sustainable, responsible practices.


Owner & Lead Designer // Ellana Hagedorn

Ellana Hagedorn originally started in fashion with a background in Product Strategy as a graduate from The College Of Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning with an Environmental Studies internship added to her degree. Then Jewelry found her & felt meant to be.

Working at Lane & Kate for years when the shop made the move to OTR, Ellana was added to the team with hopes to grow the boutique to be at a place to purchase to make it hers. In 2020, Ellana purchased Lane & Kate & felt as though all life had been leading to this moment. She then continued education.

Being a DAAP graduate, GIA Certfied, graduate of New Approach School For Jewelers, & graduate of Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program gives Ellana all the knowledge to make the ring you've been envisioning.



GIA represents the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity for certifying diamonds globally as well as education for all gemstones. Ellana is GIA certified & works only with GIA certified diamond partners.

TRADE & Design Knowledge

Graduate of both New Approach School For Jewelers & UC's The College of Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning. This brings together both the trade knowledge of jewelry as well as guiding clients to the perfect design.

Environmental knowledge

An emphasis was placed on Ellana's studies to keep the enviornment in mind. Not only are you supporting a women owned, local business but also one that centers the vision in all ways to keep Mother Earth in mind.