Send An Inquiry For a Custom Consultation

Just fill the form below with your information & some thoughts listed for the design to send you a schedule link to meet at the boutique to start the process.

We would love to hear // Design thoughts, stones that spark your interest, & hopeful budget in the comments please.

The Process

Schedule Your Design Consultation

To start, submit an inquiry to meet at the boutique to have a conversation for us to hear all you are evisioning in the ring to be & to give the full details on the custom process.

Rendgerings & Diamond Viewings

Digital renderings designed with & for you along with viewings of our GIA natural diamonds, certified lab grown diamonds, & precious gems found specifically for you.

A Ring With Balanced Simplicity

The ring is then made with our makers in four weeks time for you to start planning the proposal for you two to be together forever & always!

Inquiry Form

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