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Create w Lane & Kate

A Custom Barely There Beauty Designed For You
When you come to Lane & Kate it’s a conversation. We sit in the back around your favorite sample and designer settings in house and talk designs. After we hear all you’ve been dreaming in a ring we work for you with our makers until we perfectly marry a range of settings for your precious stone with balanced simplicity.

Thoughts for the Custom Design Process


To start the design process, send an inquiry in the form below for us to reach out w a calendar link to schedule a time to come by the boutique for our first custom conversation to hear all you are envisioning in the ring to be. That easy! We will contact you within a week's time as we work through all the inquiries and current rings designed.


Once we hear your thoughts, we will either sketch for you to see designs you are thinking come to life or if you know the design you most love we can will send our thoughts to our casting house for digital renderings for you to see all the views of the design you are wanting for your chosen gemstone. 

Digital renderings show you every angle of your ring and we can do as many edits as you wish. For each rendering, you will see the setting cost that includes the labor, gold, and accent diamonds in the design w all edits included in the setting cost. We want you to be as involved as you wish and do not want to limit the creative process by adding fees to arrive at the design you love. We can then even do a 3D wax model of the ring to see in person for scale along w your center stone once chosen so you can be confident the design will make you swoon when it is finally yours.


We will do most design edits over email and when we feel we are at a great place for design we can then bring in diamonds and gemstones for you to view while we come closer to finalizing your design as well. The setting price and your center stone are the only two cost you will see throughout the process as we are fully transparent in our conversation on the total value throughout the custom process.


We can do multiple stone viewings for you as the first will be educational as we show you different gradings for color, clarity, carat weight, and overall a range of qualities of the diamonds and gemstones you are loving. The first viewing we want you leaving the boutique excited along w a full understanding the value of the diamond or gemstone you will be purchasing for a ring that will last a lifetime. Once we have the first viewing, we can then focus in for the next to bring in the best diamonds and gemstones for you to make yours. One always just speaks to you.



Once the design is finalized and your center stone is chosen, the two values are totaled for your first 50% payment to officially send the ring into production! We send the final thoughts and your chosen stone to our casting house to handcraft each piece to order w fair-mined or recycled gold paired w your ethically sourced or heirloom stones all supporting local or American made makers.


The timeline for a custom piece is about four weeks once sent into production for us to receive your barely there beauty depending on how detailed the ring is. This is not including all it takes to arrive at your dream design so build in some time, three months is ideal, for Lane & Kate to create your custom piece.


We cannot wait to hear all you are thinking in your ring to be! We wish to be everyone's brand, not just a specific brand in only one style of ring. So whatever you are wanting in the ring to be we would love to design w and for you to the design you have always envisioned.


So Create w Lane & Kate w Lively Moments In Between.

Feel free to submit an inquire form or email Lane & Kate for a conversation and let's talk custom designs for brides and grooms, and partners to be. Designed lover to lover, or even breathing new life into heirloom pieces, sister to sister, generation to generation. We love exploring the intimacy of jewelry and how unique each story always is behind our barely there beauties we design and craft w you.