The Ethics

Women Makers // All of our designs featured at Lane & Kate are from independent, women designers that hold the same ethics true.

Designing w a process that protects our Mother Earth from design to production, ethically sourcing their stones & gold, & by always being willing to re-create a piece from something old to something new using heirlooms. Our featured designers craft each piece w their own unique intention.

Ethically Sourced Stones // All gemstones chosen for our custom jewelry at Lane & Kate are made using ethically sourced diamonds & gemstones.

Each barely there beauty in Lane & Kate is handmade to order to reject the unnecessary waste seen from mass production, our diamond partners ensure our stones & metals are ethically sourced of the highest quality, & we give you certifications for all diamonds you choose with Lane & Kate to validate standards. We also source lab grown diamond often to add even more sustainability to the custom choosing. 

Lane & Kate, Your Local Makers // A lot of visitors at Lane & Kate ask if we are local and we are proud to say we are as local as can be.

By choosing to Create with Lane & Kate, you are also choosing to support a local, women owned business. Ellana Hagedorn, the owner & designer, is from Cincinnati & truly tries to support all other makers known here who call Cincinnati home. Lane & Kate has a local, downtown goldsmith for repairs, sizing, & making heirlooms new. We also have a local maker who we use for men's bands, 14kt chains, & a few other styles in house. 

Ethics & Aesthetics. Lane & Kate.