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Lane & Kate



Lane & Kate



Sold out

Lane & Kate w Skincraft 

The daintiest 14kt gold earrings w the smallest sprinkling of diamonds w piercings by Skincraft of Northside. Finally it's back lovelies!

Celebrate the new decade w Lane & Kate on January 25th to welcome in the new year w gold, diamonds, and a brave new attitude. Dawn Weist of Skincraft Piercing & Tattoo of Northside will be at Lane & Kate placing any piercings you can dream of from collarbone up from noon until we feel. Join us in the evening for some cocktails and some celebration throughout the evening!

Featuring Skincraft Piercing & Tattoo 

Both Rachel and I have gone to Skincraft for all of our hawt piercing & tattoo needs so we are honored Dawn will be our artist for this event. She is the owner of Skincraft of Northside, Cincinnati. She is not only the owner w her partner of Skincraft but she is also a BABE! She created the piercing industry in Cincinnati so this evening will also be such a vibe.

We will be starting piercings at noon but all us babes running the event plan on keeping the festivities going well into the night! We will be at Lane & Kate sipping on cocktails and all the walkins we can after our slots have been completed. So join us during the day for a for sure thing or swing by at night for some diamonds and feminine vibes. What a dream.

Featuring 14kt Diamond Studs by Adeline Roz

These pieces are handmade to order using 14kt gold w titanium seamless backs so you can love the diamonds you wear with comfort! We will have a stunning selection of diamond studs to purchase the day of the event featuring the daintiest milling details, crescent moons, and baby tribeads w a day of surprise 14kt stud babe giveaway! Range from $58 for cz studs to $278 for larger diamond studs with some lovely styles, stones, and prices in between. Most stud styles are pictured but saving some pretty ones as a surprise. 

Purchased times will act as a deposit for the time slot of your piecing

For each time slot you purchase we can complete a classic piercing per slot. If you would like two classic piercings during your slot an additional $20.00 will be added towards your cost for the second piercing when you arrive at Lane & Kate. (i.e. tragus & a earlobe pair of piercing would be an extra $20 for the tragus add on)

Classic Piercings for $45 // first earlobe pair piercings, second earlobe pair piercing, third earlobe pair earlobe, tragus, any helixs, & nose piercings.

Earlobes done on both sides count as one so you will not be charged the extra piercing fee! Some hoops will be available w Dawn's direction but they will not be as dainty. 

For more alternative piercings, prices will range but feel free to contact Lane & Kate for pricing if you are interested in the below piercings! Also, if you would like two of these piercings listed below please purchase a second time slot as these are more skilled piercings and take more time when wanting two. (i.e. daith & rook you would need to purchase two slots) 

Alternative Piercings for a second time slot // rook, conch, daith, industrial, septum, and medusa

Standard piercings are $45.00 not including the cost of jewelry. No refunds a week prior to the event as this is a deposit to reserve our artist's time.

Featuring other boss babes around OTR

Queen City Vignette will be creating a stunning lounge w cocktails all around at Lane & Kate for the day and our girls at AV beauty bar will be doing braids all day too! So plan to hang out and spend the day w no plans but lounging around as sometimes we run a bit behind. 

Minors under 18 needing parental consent will need to purchase times BEFORE 3pm

Consent forms will be available at Lane & Kate so parents will need to accompany minors to sign the form. For minors we do have a very limited supply of 14kt gold earring with cz instead of diamonds for a lower price point. If you are a mother of a minor looking for a lower price point please call so we can set aside your cz studs. Again, supply is limited. Please contact us if you have any questions about minors. No refunds a week prior to the event as this is a deposit to reserve our artist's time so please read print on when minors are allowed to schedule piercings.

NY 14kt Piercing Event Takeaways

All jewelry supplies and time slots are limited. IDs ARE REQUIRED. Two classic piercings per slot if requested allowed w extra small fee. If a time slot is sold out it will say. These are fine jewelry pieces with genuine diamonds so price will reflect the quality. Each piece is handmade to order. No minors after 4pm for cocktail hour. We will have aftercare instructions and supplies for you to purchase if interested. Feel free to chat with Lane & Kate or Skincraft in Northside if you have any questions about piercings or pricing! 

We are so charmed to be hosting this event again so see you soon lovelies! Ahhh we are so excited!