Jake & Emily // Custom Champagne Arc w JKD

Jake & Emily // Custom Champagne Arc w JKD


Jake and Emily came to us just casually shopping around our boutique until we both notice them pause when they saw Jennie Kwon Designs. Emily was drawn to the the classic yet feminine designs of JKD and all she could create from each individual piece. 


Jake and Emily, once they saw the Green Sapphire Arch Ring we had sent in for them knew this was her ring.


Emily though has this golden aura around her which may be why she was drawn to the idea of a champagne diamond w thoughts of creating a custom Champagne Diamond Arch Ring w Jennie Kwon Designs at Lane & Kate. What a golden dream.


We had Champagne diamonds sent in for Emily and Jake to choose. Once Emily saw just how lovely her champagne diamond can be Jake then took the lead and picked the perfect hued diamond for her.

Jake & Emily, it was a pleasure to play with the golden hues of champagne diamonds with you two. See you soon two soon I'm sure for more earrings and JKD bands for Emily.
Custom Champagne Diamond Arch Ring // By Jennie Kwon Designs w Lane & Kate