Brittany & Henderson // Custom Heirloom Marquis

Brittany & Henderson came to us with an Heirloom to create a piece beautiful & new! We took her stunning marquis and placed it gently on it's side with a cluster of three white diamonds on one side & a single white diamond on the other for a perfectly asymmetrical design. 
Henderson gifted Brittany his great grandma's ring to recreate. The original design was a vintage set with a solitaire marquis diamond. The marquis diamond was held in place w a jacket style band featuring two baguette diamonds and a cluster of three diamonds on either side with a leaf motif. What a dream to redesign with all these lovely, heirloom diamonds.
We started sketching with different design variation for Brittany based on our design consultation. After thinking over the sketches with loved ones and Henderson, Brittany decided to gently place the marquis on the side for a perfectly asymmetrical engagement ring. 
For this heirloom, Brittany & Henderson decided to trade in the gold for a credit towards their design and reuse all the diamonds from the heirloom. They even brought an extra necklace chain to melt down for more credit to their design.
We then sent our sketches to our casting house for a digital rendering just to know this was the design for Brittany! She loved it and so did we. Stunning. Brittany decided to move forward with the design in excitement!
We then kept the rest a surprise from her and worked with Henderson from there for him to gift her the perfect ring until her asked her to be his bride to be in their hometown forest trails.
Brittany & Henderson, you two were so sweet to work with and we loved recreating these stunning diamonds for the both of you.
Custom Heirloom Marquis // 9mmx4mm Marquis w 4 2.5mm round white diamonds
See you two soon for the bands since we have still more diamonds to set. You two are beautiful. Best of Wishes.

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