Mike & Kira // Classic Custom Solitaire Beauty


Mike & Kira place so much intention in their diamond.


Kira just wanted a classic oval beauty that made you swoon on its own.Each time the lovely couple came by it was such a lovely viewing of stones. Kira would come in a sweet dress w Mike on an evening walk to start the mood. We would place the diamond on Kiras hand a let her see the proportions in all ways. She would stand in front of our lux mirrors and play with the different stones resting on her hand.  What made it so sweet was watching mike stand softly behind Kira just wanting her to have the diamond she loved most. 


Kira chose a 2.39ct Carbon Neutral, Lab Grown White Diamond by Diamond Foundry // Solitaire Cathedral Setting w Claw Prongs 

A classic beauty for another classic beauty. Thank you Mike and Kira for Creating w Lane & Kate as it truly was an honor.

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