Shana & Nloh // a FABULOUS Couple

First thing you'll notice when meeting Nloh is the man has style. From his fashion forward jackets to glasses that exude a coolness I aspire to. Any custom ring he was going to put together for his fiancee Shana, would no doubt need to represent their style.

Nloh knew what he wanted for Shana and we were here to help make it a reality. Nloh was looking for a classic look with a modern flair. He knew he wanted a ring that would be all diamonds but also didn't want the traditional halo setting. We were able to put diamonds on just about every surface of the ring.
Three rows of diamonds make up the band and diamonds are set around and up the prongs to a beautiful round center stone in 14kt rose gold setting. With the setting designed Nloh decided, to choose a round center stone: an absolutely timeless cut that will never go out of style. 

With his ring complete it was time for the proposal. Nloh certainly didn't skip out on the planning. With the help of friends and family he was able to convince Shana they were helping out a friend with a promotional video for his business. Set at the Hotel Covington, with their friends and family close by, Shana was serenaded and Nloh got down on one knee to ask the ever important question. 

We finally got to meet Shana this past weekend when they were in OTR for a friend's business party. We couldn't imagine a more genuinely sweet couple. And omg, such a vibe in your style you two! Excited to plan wedding bands for this couple, we know it will be anything but boring!   

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