Claire & Garrett // Morganite Opal Leaf Ring by JKD

Claire & Garrett // Morganite Opal Leaf Ring by JKD




Claire & Garret, while the ring he chose for you is perfectly sweet, we wish to feature your engagement story more than anything. 


Garett knew after being a part form Claire on her volunteer trip to Costa Rica that he wanted to spend the rest of his life w her. I remember when Garret first came to tell me all about his bride to be and why he was ready to ask her to be his it was the sweetest thing. He told me how he just missed her so much he began writing her letters, letters that started of how he missed her to why he wanted to make her his.


His plan was to give them to her once she returned. He would give the letters to w no sense of urgency, just a gift to her. She could have read the letters all with in the hour, or read them whenever she needed his love over the months, or she would wait a years before ever opening. But he did know that the last letter would lead her to her ring.


Garret chose a perfect sweet, asymmetrical engagement ring from our designer Jennie Kwon. With a morganite as the centerstone with a trail of white pave diamond on one said w dainty opal petals on the other this ring is named The Morganite Opal Leaf Ring. 

Cheers to you Claire & Garett for letting us see young love just so real.

Morganite Opal Leaf Ring // By Jennie Kwon Designs